AN INTERNATIONAL rock band dedicated a gig to a teenager who lost his battle with cancer just weeks after his family perished in a house fire.

American band Trivium said they were humbled to know that one of 17-year-old Adam Riaz's dying wishes was to meet them backstage when they supported Iron Maiden at the MEN arena in Manchester.

But Adam, who had been suffering from leukaemia, died three days before he had the chance to meet his music idols.

His grandmother June Khanan said that he lost his fight to go on following the deaths of his mother Caneze, 39, and four sisters Sayrah, 16, Sophia, 12, Alicia, 10, and Hannah, three, in a blaze at his home in Temellen Street, Accrington, in November.

His father Mohammed also died and is suspected of starting the blaze by police.

Speaking after the gig, Trivium's lead singer Matt Heafy said they had deidcated their set to him and added: "In some way, we know that Adam was there with us, rocking out in the sky.

"His personal story was really quite amazing.

"Learning that someone's highest wish is to meet you is really humbling.

"To know that someone was touched by your music is a band's ultimate goal - it's all you can strive for. So of course we wanted to meet him too. "

A trip to the concert had been arranged through the Willow Foundation, a charity that organises special days for young adults with life threatening conditions, but Adam was too ill to go.

The band then decided to visit Adam at The Christie Hospital, Manchester, on the morning of the concert.

They were devastated to learn he had passed away before they could visit him.

Matt continued: "Naturally, we were all very upset.

"All I could think was, 'Did he at least know we were coming?' "We had been so looking forward to meeting him, so we were pleased to hear that he did know, and was as excited as us.

"So when it came to our show in his arena, we wanted to dedicate our set to him, and hoped also that maybe some of his friends or family might be there.

"And if not, they might hear about it and know we were thinking of Adam too."

The band have made a donation to the Young Oncology Unit at The Christie Hospital and are urging their fans to do so too.

l For more information on the charity's work visit the website below.