BOLTON’S multi-millionaire lottery winner, Brian Caswell has urged everyone in the borough to check their pockets to see if they have a missing million pound raffle ticket.

The elusive EuroMillions ticket was bought in Bolton on July 26 and the mystery winner has until January 22 next year to claim their prize.

Mr Caswell, who still lives in Bolton after scooping a £25 million jackpot on the EuroMillions in 2009, believes the winner may not have checked the clothes they were wearing in summer, when the ticket was bought.

The 78-year-old said: “The clothes someone was wearing when the weather was nice might be put away at the back of the wardrobe.

“I would urge everyone to check those pockets, £1 million is a life-changing amount of money.”

The pensioner admitted he still buys a lottery ticket every week, adding: “It is a habit and one that I’m very glad I got into.

“We have been able to do all the things we wanted to do. My two daughters have the houses of their dreams and the whole family is within five minutes of each other.”

But he admits his huge win has not changed his spending habits as he and his friends still like to drink at a pub that sells cheap beer and when playing dominoes they never put fees up beyond 20p.

The winning ticket is from the millionaire raffle section of the EuroMillions lottery. For every line played on the EuroMillions, players receive a unique raffle number and in the case of the Bolton winner the raffle code is CBS004223.

Millionaire Mr Caswell had some words of advice for anyone who might find that winning ticket.

He said: “You have to sit down and think is this true because until you get it verified you haven’t won anything.

“Then once it is verified you need to take some time and ask yourself what you want to do.

“For me the most important thing was to make sure my family were secure.

“At my age I wanted to think about what could be passed down to them.”

Anyone wanting to claim their prize should call the National Lottery on 0845 9125000.