BOLTON North East MP David Crausby has met with lung cancer nurses to hear concerns over funding cuts.

Every year more than 40,000 people are diagnosed with lung cancer in the UK, with specialist nurses providing expert care to those affected by the disease.

But Mr Crausby claims financial pressures are making it harder to ensure patients receive the help and support they need.

The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation (RCLCF) and the National Lung Cancer Forum for Nurses (NLCFN) has published a report claiming that despite “clear evidence” of a better outcome for patients if they receive care from a lung cancer nurse specialists, many patients are missing out.

After meeting with lung cancer nurse specialists at an event in Parliament organised by RCLCF and NLFCN, Mr Crausby said: “I was very pleased to have the opportunity to meet with lung cancer specialist nurses and discuss the ways that their work is being affected by government policy.

“Despite the wealth of evidence showing the benefits of receiving specialist care, there are simply not enough nurses to treat every patient.

“We must ensure that every lung cancer patient can see a specialist nurse at every stage of their care and treatment.

“We cannot allow finances to compromise patient care.”