KEEN photographer David Gaskell was enjoying a flight in his friend’s aeroplane and when they flew over Bolton he could not resist taking a snap of the town centre.

The 44-year-old, from Great Lever, was with his pilot pal Jon Hilton, aged 45, from Harwood.

They were on their way home from a trip to North Wales and wanted to take in the views over their home town.

As they were flying over Victoria Square, Mr Gaskell took a photograph.

He said: “We were over the town centre at about 5pm on a Saturday and I expected to see lots of people bustling around or returning from a day of shopping. Instead, Jon and I were both taken aback as we could barely see anyone.”

Mr Gaskell and Mr Hilton, both originally from Harwood, regularly combine their respective hobbies of photography and flying — jetting off in Mr Hilton’s CTSW Microlight around the British Isles to capture interesting shots or just to have a bite to eat.

Mr Hilton said: “Not long ago my wife was out, so we decided to fly to the Isle of Mull for a burger, which was nice.”