THE chances of anything coming to earth.....are quite high according to the testimony of one Bolton resident.

Amongst a catalogue of extra-terrestrial encounters released by the Ministry of Defence’s now defunct UFO desk is the account of an anonymous Bolton resident — who claimed to have seen UFOs 19 times.

The files released by the National Archives were collected from the UFO desk from 2007 until it was closed in 2009.

They include a number of reported sightings from across Greater Manchester, including the lengthy testimony from the unnamed 37-year-old Boltonian in 2009.

The account goes into detail about a sighting in 2004 in Radcliffe, and explains that whilst looking at the sky, the person saw a “bright flash of white light” which “lit up the sky.”

The account continues: “I looked over to it then saw a streak/beam of fading light.

“At the far left of that I saw a disc shaped craft, dark in colour and which seemed to be slowing down its speed.

“It was covered in the heat/flames seen when a craft enters earth’s atmosphere.”

The 37-year-old explains that they were working on a book detailing the 19 UFO sightings they have witnessed which is “backed up with high quality good detail video evidence of a UFO interacting with me.”

Then a stark issue is offered to the MOD to leave UFOs well alone, stating: “Tell your gun toting anti establishment government [that] if their secret discovery departments who are chasing UFOs and trying to get a shot at one don’t cease, they will get shot out of the sky by a UFO.”

Other accounts found amongst the files detail reports of UFOs being found near UK landmarks such as the Houses of Parliament and Blackpool Tower.

One person reported that they had “been living with an alien for some time”.

Phil Catterall ran the Bolton UFO Society from 1996 until 2012.

He said: “I think a lot of the stuff that has come out from the MOD is probably rubbish.

“But I firmly believe that UFOs have visited our planet, there have been loads of sightings over the years.

“I have heard of many sightings around the Rivington area of Bolton — but there is a cover up to make people believe they don’t exist.”