IT sounds like the dream celebrity headline of the year — “Lady Gaga is Robbie’s Angel!”

But the reality for impersonator duo Charlie Hamer and her boyfriend Paul Munro is not a penthouse flat in LA but an ordinary house in Bolton.

Here, 31 year-old Charlie and 42 year-old Paul live a pleasant but non-starry life together by day.

Paul wears a sober suit as an account manager for a foods firm, and Charlie sports riding boots, jodhpurs and a warm jacket as horse-riding teacher and yard manager for a Westhoughton equestrian centre.

By night, however, it is a different matter.

Paul puts on the tight T-shirt and jeans of Robbie Williams and Charlie gets out the outrageous wigs and glitzy outfits of Lady Gaga to entertain at pubs and clubs around the North West as their idols.

The two have been together for nine months after meeting at the Duke of Wellington pub in Chew Moor where Charlie was performing to an appreciative audience.

She said: “Paul was just starting out as Robbie and he was also DJ-ing but he’s got a terrific singing voice. He even looks like Robbie”

They later moved in together and are now happily established as a couple, both on stage and off.

Charlie has been singing professionally for several years but started doing a Lady Gaga tribute act a year ago after seeing the star live and deciding how much fun it would be to copy her.

She invested in several eye-catching outfits, short and long blonde wigs and a quirky wig with cans in it — just like the real Gaga.

“I start with my ‘Poker Face’ routine and I’ve got a disco stick to tap people in the audience to make them sing along and a telephone for Lady Gaga’s famous hit to get more people singing. It’s just loads of fun with everyone joining in - but no meat!” she said, referring to the famously controversial fresh “meat dress” the star wore.

Paul comes on to “Let Me Entertain You” in his casual gear with a cheeky Robbie grin and Tin Tin quiff, and changes into a dinner suit later for “Mr Bojangles”, “Rock DJ” and “Candy.”

The two often perform their tribute acts on the same bill, and are so popular that fans regularly ask to have their pictures taken with them to post on Facebook.

“We love being Gaga and Robbie,” said Charlie. “Paul has seen Robbie live and I’ve seen Gaga on stage so we’ve picked up mannerisms and dance moves to make our acts even more authentic. It’s just good fun.”

And, unlike the possible but unlikely pairing of the real stars, at this house there are definitely no fights over the bathroom and who gets the futuristic make-up and hairspray.