A BLACKBURN man who stood naked in the street and acted indecently has walked free after being locked up on remand for seven months.

Rizwan Shah's behaviour had alarmed some passers-by, Burnley Crown Court was told, The hearing was told Shah, 27, later had a probation officer ‘extremely worried’ he might be a danger to the public, when he told him some ‘very alarming’ things.

Shah, formerly of Neath Close but recently of no fixed address, had spent seven months on remand, serving the equivalent of a 14 month sentence.

He won his freedom after a judge said it was far longer than any judge would impose for the offence.

The defendant had admitted outraging public decency, last June. He was given one month in prison, which he has served and was released.

The court was told Shah had been behind bars for so long as it was thought at one point a hospital order might be made.

David Pojur, for Shah, said he was on medication. He added: “The defendant is really somebody who needs assistance.”

Sentencing, the judge told Shah his conduct had been, “a disgusting thing to do in public, where there may be young children and others around.”

Judge Woolman said: “You certainly alarmed some people by what you have been saying, to the point where a probation officer at one point thought you were dangerous.”