A GROUP of travellers have set up camp on the site of a former car park in Burnley.

Five caravans and several vehicles arrived on the former Gardner Aerospace factory car park, in Hargher Street, on Monday after-noon.

The town suffered problems last year with travellers moving around to different sites.

The land is now owned by Burnley Council and officers have visited the site to ask them to move on.

A council spokesman said: “The site is council-owned and officers have visited it to speak to the travellers and ask them to leave. We will take the appropriate action to move them off the site as soon as possible.”

At the end of last year the council approved a new scheme aimed at stopping travellers from 15 public open spaces in Burnley and Padiham.

The £30,000 fund would pay for anti-traveller barriers and other measures, include boulders blocking access to the area and new gates.

The move came after the council had to take action against 20 illegal camps in the past two years.

Landmarks such as Towneley’s nine-hole golf course and Bank Hall marina are among those recommended for protection.

Each illegal camp is estimated to cost the tax-payer around £1,300 – ranging from legal fees to clearance work for leftover waste and flytipping. And it can often take at least 14 days to move them on when they arrive.

The latest group of travellers set up near to the location of plans for new housing in the Accrington Road and Cog Lane area.