PARKING tickets were issued to doctors’ patients who parked on yellow lines after the surgery closed its car park because of ice.

Harwood Medical Centre’s car park was closed on Wednesday as it was seen to be a health and safety issue because of the snow and ice.

Patients, who were unable to park on the ungritted car park, had to find alternative parking nearby.

Two received tickets because they left their cars on double yellow lines in Hough Fold Way.

A member of staff from the centre, who asked not to be named, said many of the patients were “borderline disabled” and many were unable to walk to free car parking nearby.

The employee, who was not speaking on behalf of the centre, said: “The traffic warden came and ticketed the cars while the people were inside the medical centre. Most of them are elderly and infirm and it is a dirty trick and needs exposing.

There was no common sense.”

A Bolton Council spokesman said two people were given tickets and they were not blue badge holders, adding: “There is plenty of free car parking nearby and two fines were issued to people who had parked on double yellow lines.

“Disabled badge holders in Hough Fold Way can park on the double yellow lines but otherwise parking is not permitted. If a motorist does feel they have been fined unfairly they can always challenge their fine.”

The council grit just over half of the total road network across the borough and also grit footpaths in town centres. It is not responsible for gritting private car parks.

Harwood Medical Centre is owned by the GP practice and not by Bolton PCT. The centre refused to comment on the incident, but the receptionist said the car park was shut for health and safety reasons