A NURSE at the Royal Blackburn Hospital has got odds of 100/1 that her baby will be born on the same day as the Duchess of Cambridge’s.

Michelle Scott, 36, who had just had her 12-week scan, stunned staff at William Hill bookmakers when she asked what the odds were on her giving birth the same day as Kate Middleton.

She said her husband Tony, 32, serves in the Armed Forces like Kate Middleton’s husband Prince William, who is in the RAF. She said: “I calculated that Kate was probably six weeks pregnant when she was diagnosed with her severe morning sickness.

“I have just had my scan and the baby was very active in the images, and I anticipate that Kate is now also about 12 weeks pregnant.

“I estimate that there is no more than a week’s difference between us. The man and woman in the bookmakers were a bit shocked when I walked in asking if they would take my £10 bet ahead of the scan last week. But they had a number to ring and they had a bit of a giggle. When they offered me 100/1 I jumped at it as I think those odds are too big, perhaps it should be nearer 33/1, but I am happy with the price.

“I am due on July 22 and only about five per cent of women give birth on their due date, so Kate is very close to that.”

Husband Tony, a sergeant with Five Medical Regiment based at Catterick, said: “Michelle is lucky with educated gambles having won £1,000 on a radio show when she was a student nurse, and a push bike in another contest, and when she first had a bet on the football at William Hill she won £250 with a £2 bet.

“She’s the lucky one in the family and her dad always told her ‘only ever bet as much as you are willing to lose’ and that’s very good advice.”

William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams said: “We have had plenty of bets on the royal baby, but this is the first pregnant mum-to-be who has called William Hill ahead of the midwife.”