A POLICE officer has been recognised for his heroic actions after he saved the lives of two people.

PC Jonathon Scorah is being given two awards next week, one for rescuing a man from a burning building and another for saving the life of a man after he tried to commit suicide.

On Monday PC Scorah, 43, who is a response officer in Clitheroe, is being presented with the Chief Fire Officer's Commendation at Clitheroe Fire Station after he rescued a man who had collapsed in a top floor flat fire in Old Station Court in Clitheroe in March this year.

The officer, who lives in the Ribble Valley, had run across to the scene from the police station after hearing that there was a fire over the police radio.

When he arrived he was told that a man was on the top floor of the building where the fire was.

When he got there the flat was covered in smoke and the man had collapsed on the floor.

He then took him back down to the ground floor.

PC Scorah worked for 14 years in Pennine division in Burnley, Nelson and Colne before he became a dog handler then a response officer in Clitheroe.

He is also being presented with the Liverpool Shipwreck and Humane Society award for bravery, along with Sgt Craig Jarret, on Tuesday.

Both men were involved in releasing a man who was suspended from a kitchen ceiling in Twisten near Pendle Hill in October 2011.

PC Scorah then performed CPR until the man began to breath again.

But he insisted that he only did what any officer would do.

He said: “My job often involves being the first on the scene and like any other officer in the situation I just do what is expected in the job.

“I don’t think I did anything that anyone else in the situation wouldn’t have done.”

Speaking of the Clitheroe incident, Supt Jon Puttock said: “Without doubt, PC Scorah’s helped to save a man’s life.

“He showed tremendous bravery and courage in a very unpredictable and dangerous situation and I am immensely proud of his actions.”

Watch manager David McGrath from Lancashire Fire and Rescue said: “PC Scorah went beyond the bounds of the call of duty, entering a heavily smoke-logged and developing fire.

“If he had not reacted the way he did, the outcome would have been very different, possibly with loss of life.”