LORD Sugar has set himself a new challenge - he is now moulding the future generation into mini entrepreneurs.

Promoting business and opportunity to a bunch of 16-year-olds is inspiring, but in this new series of the Young Apprentice, I found these little business boys and girls entertaining to watch.

This week we saw them rise to the challenge of selling ice-cream at the zoo and the beach.

The girls chose the teamname Kinetic and the boys Atomic - which makes the audience more at ease, knowing they listened in science.

It’s just a shame they didn’t listen in maths, because the girls apparently can’t add up and ordered too much stock - leaving loads of wasted ice-cream and frozen yoghurt that had to be binned.

But unlike the real Apprentice nobody seems to be showing any tenacity - no one wants to be team leader and no one shines through their given task - perhaps they are a bit young.

The Young Apprentice is amusing - more so than the adult version, but at least when the teenagers make mistakes you can’t blame them as much ... it’s meant to happen.

But once the business tasks are over, the girls beat the boys and confirming that he is ‘no Mr Softie’ (excuse the pun) Lord Sugar fires Mahmed.