MOTHERS don’t want to dress like their daughters and daughters don’t want to dress like their mothers, according to fashion guru Mary Portas.

In the last episode of her series Mary Queen of Frocks this week the 51-year-old eventually opened her own store — staking her professional reputation on designing, launching and selling her own fashion range.

The fly-on-the-wall series has been amusing to watch as the feisty red-head exclusively launched her clothes range — aimed at women rather than girls.

And although Mary, who is one of the UK’s foremost authorities on retail and brand communication, has been criticised for her approach to fashion, she managed to do a great job.

Teaming up with designer Antonio Beradi, taking viewers behind the scenes with one of Britain’s best known retailers (House of Fraser) she managed to pull it off during the country’s worst recession for decades.

Her clothing range is nice — but I can’t imagine many over-40s wearing the £300 leather dress that has been launched and somehow she manages to contradict herself.

Following the series, her fashion range is popular — selling online and at the department store itself.

Maybe the three hours of free advertising has helped boost sales.