POOR Sally Bercow, it seems everyone in the Celebrity Big Brother house and all the viewers at home have made their minds up that it’s the speaker’s wife who will face the boot tonight.

She’s up against Kerry Katona and Bobby Sabel for the first eviction of 2011 and she’s odds on bookies favourite to go.

But after being treated to a week of the loudmouthed Kerry, I’m surely not alone when I say we’d all be better off without having to listen to another minute of drivel from the former Atomic Kitten.

After all it’s her fault there’s going to be an eviction tonight anyway, when she failed the task of being the house’s biggest diva in a secret challenge last week.

So if you’re voting tonight vote Kerry to go. Her constant whinings provide zero entertainment value when you compare her contributions to the little nuggets that Sally has given us so far with discussions about her sex life and breaking wind in bed — all this from a woman who normally mixes with the top dogs in the House Of Commons.

Now that is reality TV gold.

Jedward are currently the favourites to win but I fancy the chances of East Lancashire’s very own Lucien Laviscount from Read.

If he hooks up with Amy Childs, it’s a winning combination, she could get him a part on The Only Way is Essex if nothing else.