IN the week that Little Mix were crowned winners of X Factor, the Beeb came up with a timely reminder of what can happen to those who dream of a career in showbusiness.

Monday’s Wonderland on BBC2 took a look at six of the finalists from New Faces 25 years ago.

For those too young to remember, New Faces was the Britain’s Got Talent of its day, attracting millions of viewers and discovering the likes of Lenny Henry.

But the price paid by those in pursuit of fame can be costly, as Wonderland so poignantly demonstrated.

Of the Class of ’86 featured, only one had really enjoyed what could be termed a stress-free existence.

The remainder had all suffered varying degrees of misery as the desire for stardom took its toll.

Wonderland was a beautifully-crafted piece of documentary making which treated its subjects with respect and in so doing elicited some moving footage.

Vinny Cadman revealed his life reached such a low ebb that at one stage a wheelie bin had been his home for almost 12 months.

Vinny remembered wistfully the days when he and his partner topped the bill around the country.

“My wife said to me, ‘showbiz, it will crack you up.’ You know what? It’s done a good job’,” he said before the tears flowed.

X Factor wannabes take note.