I WAS curious to see My Child’s Not Perfect (ITV1, Tuesday, 9pm) after watching an interview with 16-year-old Henry, who developed Tourette’s Syndrome out of nowhere.

The title was typically ITV and not necessarily the most sensitive for the subject matter — how children and their parents cope with a range of conditions, which included selective mutism and undiagnosed autism — but it worked.

Each child and their parents told of their frustrations.

Talented musician Henry was playing a gig when flashing lights triggered a seizure ending with the violent ticks which are now a constant part of his life.

It drastically affected his schooling.

He was a straight-A student now hoping for C-grades. But he has fantastic friends who help him see the funny side and he’s happy to win their headbanging contests.

Cheshire mum Charlotte battled to get a diagnosis for her angry, violent son Adam, whom she feared would end up in prison.

“Sometimes there’s nothing behind his eyes so you just want to go in, take whatever it is out and put a load of happiness in,” she said.

Little Katherine is a chatty six-year-old who cannot utter a sound once in school.

You could see the difference speech therapy had made to her.

An emotional documentary, which must have opened a few eyes to the ups and downs of parenthood.