AT last, the great British viewing public is beginning to come to its senses.

Realisation has finally set in — The X Factor isn’t actually very good and people are turning away in their droves.

About time too is all I can say.

In the battle for Saturday night viewing figures, it is now Strictly that reigns supreme and when you consider the two offerings, it’s no real surprise.

Strictly has glitz, glamour, a great live band and contestants who work tremendously hard to master a skill that’s alien to them.

The X Factor has Louis Walsh and contestants who clearly think they don’t have to do any work at all.

If it was a boxing match it would have been stopped ages ago.

Look at the weekend’s Hallowe’en offerings. Strictly looked spectacular, The X Factor looked like a closing down sale in a fancy dress shop.

The X Factor’s problem is that it is no longer producing real stars — Will Young and Leona Lewis apart, it’s arguable it ever did.

Instead it manufactures what are laughingly called ‘celebrities’.

Flying in a man with high waisted trousers will not rescue this ailing concept.

But the Beeb should not get too complacent. The two-night format is flawed.

Everyone knows it’s all filmed on one night and the Sunday show is full of padding and a chance for Claudia Winkleman to prove she has no dress sense.