TEENAGE dance star Leon Baugh went from having two left feet to tripping the light fantastic - thanks to a mystery blonde!

Leon,18, of Water Street, Ribchester, had never danced a step until 18 months ago, but now he has been offered places at several leading music schools and he has choreographed an award-winning dance for fellow Blackburn College students.

But he has revealed that he was planning to study sports until he spotted an attractive blonde standing near the performing arts stand at an open day.

"I thought 'Mm, that looks like the course for me'," said Leon and signed up.

But it wasn't long before he realised the girl was an English student and he never got to meet her!

He also chose A-levels in PE and biology but soon realised he was no biologist. Teachers recognised a talent for performing so he signed up for dance and never looked back. "I was the first male to do dance in Blackburn college and it was nerve racking on the first day because all the girls had been dancing for years," he said.

But only a year later fellow students asked him to choreograph a short piece for the BT Dance event for young dancers.

Their performance of "Chasing the Rainbow", about dreams and ambitions, won the North-West section and they'll dance in the finals at Queen Elizabeth Hall, London on July 5.

Leon hopes eventually to lead his own dance troupe and has accepted a place at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds.

"There are about 50 girls and only 10 lads, so it should be good," he said.

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