Demo Den

BLISS: Untitled - This Padiham girl group Bliss have mixed their latest work with the best of their debut album One Sweet High to produce this five-track demo.

The ambitious group - Marie Atkinson, Laura Heyworth and Abigail Jackson - have come on along way since they arrived on the scene in the summer.

First up is Join the Blissful Army, a rallying call to their fans as they plot a route to the big time. Already a hit with the Big Breakfast crew, the strong marching anthem has a real Big Country flavour and features a guitar riff around the Rule Britannia melody.

If You Want It, Come and Get It has all the energy of a live concert. This rockier edge has a bit of Bon Jovi or Europe about it but Marie and Co haul the '80s sound into the new millennium with ease. Vocally strong and with some excellent rapping, the track stands out from the others.

Next up is the lighter, uptempo Right Here, Right Now, which has become a live favourite.

The title track from the One Sweet High album sees the pace slow down as the gentle classy ballad of Black and White finishes the demo.

Bliss are now beginning to stamp their own style on the sound and are definitely marching in the right direction.

Bliss headline their own Blissmas Party at Padiham Town Hall next Saturday.


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