FORMER Bliss girls Abigail Jackson and Laura Heyworth who sensationally quit the highly rated group just days after playing at Wembley Arena with Steps are on the brink of their own comeback.

The ambitious pair were integral members of Bliss from the beginning, decided to leave because they wanted more input into their work.

Now as their own studio starts to take shape, they feel in control and ready for the challenge ahead.

Laura Heyworth said: "We wanted to develop as singers and help with the writing. Now we're experimenting with loads of different ideas"

Working with a production team on four original songs both Laura and Abigail are focused on what they want.

Laura said: "It's in my blood now. Playing at places like the Manchester Apollo with A1 and Wembley with Steps made us realise that's exactly what we wanted to do."

But although their new name is still to be finalised no other singers will be joining the act.

And musically, the girls will be moving away from the chanting, rock style of Bliss, playing to their own strengths.

Taking ideas from across the spectrum of R&B and Pop as well as kick ass girl stuff, they plan to forge their own identity.

Abigail said: " When we left Bliss someone asked me if we couldn't hack it. That wasn't the case at all, we just can't wait to get back out there."

And once the music is right the pair plan to play it in locally before returning to the national circuit in the summer.